Chets Final LogoMy law firm – Chet L. Palumbo, Attorney at Law, LLC – in Dayton Ohio is dedicated to helping clients seek justice in Criminal Defense cases, DUI/OVI charges and Traffic Offenses in Dayton Ohio and surrounding areas such Mason, Troy, and Vandalia. I, Chet Palumbo, provide my clients with my best effort and knowledge of case laws and leave no questions unanswered. My job is to fight for you and turn a stressful situation into a calm one.

Every case is unique, as is every person. You deserve to be treated as an individual. I will take the time to sit down with you and discuss your case in detail. You will not be rushed. I will explain to you exactly the possible penalties that you are looking at and the possible defenses that we might raise.

Not every case needs to be tried, and not every case should be tried. I will evaluate the best possible course of action to obtain your desired result. Many times a case can be worked out through pre-trial negotiations. However, no plea agreement will be forced on you. I will make sure that you understand and agree with the terms of any plea agreement. I will make sure that you understand the ramifications of entering into any plea agreement.

Sometimes however, a case needs to be litigated. You need an attorney that is not afraid to fight! I am that attorney. As a public defender I earned a reputation as the public defender that liked to challenge the prosecution. I enjoy being the attorney that makes the job of law enforcement and prosecutors very difficult. While I always show the proper respect to prosecutors and law enforcement I understand that my job is to be an advocate for you!

My job is not to be buddy-buddy with prosecutors and law enforcement officers. My job is to fight as hard as possible to achieve the best possible outcome for you! If I have to “inconvenience” a law enforcement officer in the process, then so be it.

Whether you reside in Dayton Ohio or surrounding areas such as Mason, Troy, and Vandalia, Chet Palumbo will be there for your entire Criminal Defense needs. If you have been charged with a Criminal Defense case, a DUI/OVI charge or a Traffic Offense, Chet Palumbo can help. To speak with an Ohio Criminal Defense Lawyer, contact Chet L. Palumbo, Attorney at Law, LLC. At (937) 435-8100 for your free consultation.